Alice Bizarre – UV Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with Alice Bizarre again and we popped into the studio to mess around with some UV make up and paint. Here is a BTS of what went on.


Atelier Mayer Shoot – Styled by Becky Lafferty

Here are some shots from a shoot for stylist Becky Lafferty on behalf of Atelier Mayer

Atelier Mayer

Make-up, styling and hair were all done by Becky Lafferty and the clothes supplied by Atelier Mayer and were modelled by Katie Star.

On the day I was lucky to work alongside Nick Layton who was filming and producing the accompanying video for the shoot. Check out the final video

Atelier Mayer

Despite a few logistical challenges which meant our original location fell through the day before, Becky did a fantastic job of rescueing the shoot. Admittedly the new location meant I ended driving up and down the M27 repeatedly due to the postcode on the venues website not being entirely accurate.

Thanks to the whole team for a fun day, it was a pleasure to work alongside some very talented creative people.

Atelier Mayer

Atelier Mayer

Atelier Mayer

Atelier Mayer

Atelier Mayer

Atelier Mayer

Atelier Mayer

Photoshoot for clothing designer Viv Cass Cassidy

I was extremely lucky to be offered the job of photographing some of up and coming designer Viv Cass Cassidys’ range of very cool and funky fashionable knitware. The first thing I thought when I saw some pictures of the clothes sent to me was “Whooaaah those colours are awesome”. From that point I really knew I had to be involved in this project. What made this even better was the fact that we were able to do this shoot in my new studio space which I share with fellow photographer and friend Rob Heslop.

Viv’s knitwear collection is originally inspired by the anatomical heart with a fun flair inspired in the Glam Rock era. Her collection is nicknamed the “Love Gun Knit” and has been designed to be easy and fun to wear for women who don’t take themselves too seriously.

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Studio lighting setup #1, charcoal background.

Hey hey! I have been thinking about this for some time and how I can share some of the experience I have gained in the last 18 months since I started shooting and what I can do to help those (like me) who would like to learn from what others have done. So I have decided to start a regular(ish) series where I will share lighting diagrams and setups on how I approached a particular photoshoot.

Normally I shoot at f8 in the studio to get good front to back sharpness but this time I wanted to shoot a tiny bit wider and opted for f5.6 for the keylight.  For this I used a 42cm mottled silver and gridded beauty dish.

My favourite and lighting modifiers in the studio are my insanely large 200cm x 40cm strip boxes.  Setting them up is like grappling with an angry bear who has been starved of porridge for a few weeks.

I usually grid them just to try and control the spill a little but with this things is pretty challenging unless you use some flags.  On this occasion I tried to angle them upwards slightly just stop it spilling too much onto the background and floor.  However I wasn’t too worried about this as you can use this to your advantage and create a nice gradient effect.

I really liked the result of this setup and I hope it is something that you will find useful to try! Cya next time!

Lighting Setup Result:

Studio lighting setup:

Photographer: Mark O’Grady
Model: Becky Lafferty
MUA: Petro Costello
Assistant: Louise Groth

Calumet Pro Series Wireless Trigger Kit – Review

Up until very recently I was quite happily and successfully using some Yongnuo RF-602 triggers and receivers. They are a very cheap alternative to Pocket Wizards which are a great introduction into triggering multiple light sources wirelessly. They have survived being dropped in the sea (twice), dropped on the floor and have served me well. Until now…

Calumet Pro Series Wireless Trigger Kit

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Mermaid in England swimwear on Amazon

I wanted to pimp this a bit. I have been lucky enough to be the photographer for Mermaid in England and together we’ve done some fun and crazy shoots together (see this post to read about more).

These guys have been working extremely hard on pushing their unique brand around the world and getting the recognition they deserve. Earlier this year they entered in to negotiations with to become one of the flagship products on Amazons new online swimwear store. Well, after all the usual waiting and contracts etc they are now finally being sold via Amazon.

I have been extremely lucky that the photography I have done for these guys has been printed in Surf Girl magazine in Australia and the UK, Curl Magazine (Australia) and Lingerie Buyer as well as various online magazines, blogs and stores. Due to Amazon deal that Mermaid in England made it now means I’m even luckier to have some of my product photography is on Amazon too.

So kudos to those guys for all the progress they have made over the last 18 months and big thanks to them for trusting me to do their photography. If you are in the need for a new swimwear that is cool, fun, exciting and unique then head on over to Amazon and buy a couple now.

Buy Mermaid in England swimear on

Sophie Bee – MUA

I wanted to give Sophie a mention as she is an extremely talented make up artist who has awesome creative vision and ideas. I have worked with her in the past and she is also really good fun. So if you need a hardworking, fun and talented member on your team give her a shout.

We have some interesting shoots planned in the future which I’m going to keep quiet but they are going to be awesome and I can’t wait for you guys to see.

Keep tuned…

In the meantime head on over to her website and check out her work.

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Mermaid in England

Mermaid in England rock fullstop!!!! – I have done several shoots for these guys, infact I can honestly say it’s there fault that I am now doing the whole fashion/portrait thing as it was them who first placed trust in me and asked me to shoot their catalog shots for the web store.  So let me tell you a little story about where it all began!

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