Mermaid in England

Mermaid in England rock fullstop!!!! – I have done several shoots for these guys, infact I can honestly say it’s there fault that I am now doing the whole fashion/portrait thing as it was them who first placed trust in me and asked me to shoot their catalog shots for the web store.  So let me tell you a little story about where it all began!

I had never done it before, neither had they, they were a new business and it was a match made in heaven, since then we have done product shoots, been attacked by unstable manikins, repaired broken windows due to said manikin, location shoots on some lovely beaches, outdoor videoshoots on a sunny but freezing October afternoon and various other fun weirdness that money couldn’t buy.

These bikinis are so cool you just have to take a look at their website. In fact I look forward to the day they start making AquaChange speedos and mankinis (disappointly I have been assured this is not going to happen).

Check ’em out –

It is thanks to their swimwear and the trust they put in me that I’ve been lucky enough to see those images published in various publications such as Surf Girl magzine & Curl magazine as well as being featured on numerous fashion and swimwear related websites such as Lingerie Buyer, displayed as massive promotional prints at the Clothes Show Live. These guys are the coolest swimwear company on the planet.

With these guys I’ve had some of the most fun, challenging and weird and whacky photoshoots I’ve ever been involved in, from studio catalog shots with the model stood in a childrens paddling pool to the Financial Director sponging and hosing down the models to demonstrate the amazingly cool feature of the swimwear changing design on contact with water.

Lately whilst in San Francisco yet another bizarre twist in the tale. I ended up doing an impromtu photoshoot with a model called Francesca for a few location shots. Being a last minute thing, I wasn’t really prepared and had to take a chance with only natural lighting, check these out to see the results…

The next shoot is some more manikin craziness to capture some images of the new swimsuit, the Jinx. More on this next time….


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