Studio lighting setup #1, charcoal background.

Hey hey! I have been thinking about this for some time and how I can share some of the experience I have gained in the last 18 months since I started shooting and what I can do to help those (like me) who would like to learn from what others have done. So I have decided to start a regular(ish) series where I will share lighting diagrams and setups on how I approached a particular photoshoot.

Normally I shoot at f8 in the studio to get good front to back sharpness but this time I wanted to shoot a tiny bit wider and opted for f5.6 for the keylight.  For this I used a 42cm mottled silver and gridded beauty dish.

My favourite and lighting modifiers in the studio are my insanely large 200cm x 40cm strip boxes.  Setting them up is like grappling with an angry bear who has been starved of porridge for a few weeks.

I usually grid them just to try and control the spill a little but with this things is pretty challenging unless you use some flags.  On this occasion I tried to angle them upwards slightly just stop it spilling too much onto the background and floor.  However I wasn’t too worried about this as you can use this to your advantage and create a nice gradient effect.

I really liked the result of this setup and I hope it is something that you will find useful to try! Cya next time!

Lighting Setup Result:

Studio lighting setup:

Photographer: Mark O’Grady
Model: Becky Lafferty
MUA: Petro Costello
Assistant: Louise Groth