Mermaid in England swimwear on Amazon

I wanted to pimp this a bit. I have been lucky enough to be the photographer for Mermaid in England and together we’ve done some fun and crazy shoots together (see this post to read about more).

These guys have been working extremely hard on pushing their unique brand around the world and getting the recognition they deserve. Earlier this year they entered in to negotiations with to become one of the flagship products on Amazons new online swimwear store. Well, after all the usual waiting and contracts etc they are now finally being sold via Amazon.

I have been extremely lucky that the photography I have done for these guys has been printed in Surf Girl magazine in Australia and the UK, Curl Magazine (Australia) and Lingerie Buyer as well as various online magazines, blogs and stores. Due to Amazon deal that Mermaid in England made it now means I’m even luckier to have some of my product photography is on Amazon too.

So kudos to those guys for all the progress they have made over the last 18 months and big thanks to them for trusting me to do their photography. If you are in the need for a new swimwear that is cool, fun, exciting and unique then head on over to Amazon and buy a couple now.

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Sophie Bee – MUA

I wanted to give Sophie a mention as she is an extremely talented make up artist who has awesome creative vision and ideas. I have worked with her in the past and she is also really good fun. So if you need a hardworking, fun and talented member on your team give her a shout.

We have some interesting shoots planned in the future which I’m going to keep quiet but they are going to be awesome and I can’t wait for you guys to see.

Keep tuned…

In the meantime head on over to her website and check out her work.

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Mermaid in England

Mermaid in England rock fullstop!!!! – I have done several shoots for these guys, infact I can honestly say it’s there fault that I am now doing the whole fashion/portrait thing as it was them who first placed trust in me and asked me to shoot their catalog shots for the web store.¬† So let me tell you a little story about where it all began!

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